At Enevole, we believe in making the entire process of hiring an artist smoother, therefore we give you the freedom of choosing when you want to receive your images. Please refer back to your confirmation email where you can see the option you have chosen for the online delivery of the images.

You have complete control when you work with us. We understand how unique each one of us are and we have designed to best cater to you. Therefore, you can select the number of edited images you want when booking with us.

Yes, of course! There is not a single reason you shouldn’t. You will get all the digital images taken by the photographer at your event.

We always have artists on “Stand By” at Enevole. We are in constant contact with our artists, if anything changes, we will keep you updated. You will always have the artist’s contact information so you can be in touch with them.

We will always do everything in our power to make you happy. If there is a particular situation that made you dissatisfied please contact our support team for assistance on refunds.

At enevole, we are constantly on working on making everything better for you. We will be adding the feature of booking for multiple days shortly. As of now, we request you to follow the same process you did for the first time you booked with us which is by answering a few questions at the top of our home page.

Yes! Our photographers are trained to work in a versatile way so they can quickly adjust to your vision and bring it life. Clear communication is key to making this process smoother and efficient so we request you to let your photographer know about the style you like or some inspiration images prior to the shoot.

Yes, whenever you book with us the photographer always has an hour long margin after the end time of your scheduled booking. Just ask them and we are sure they would be happy to stay longer and continue to do the work they love!

Yes, of course. Please include the name of the photographer under the tab ‘additional information’ when booking your next event. We will do our best to get you the same photographer.